Paris goes to the tomb to mourn Juliet. He meets Romeo and they fight. Paris is killed. Romeo enters the tomb, believing that Juliet is dead. He takes the poison and dies. Friar Laurence enters the tomb, sees Romeo dead, and when Juliet awakes, urges her to come out and away. She sees Romeo dead, and refuses to leave. Friar Laurence leaves without her. She stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger and dies. The Prince and the Capulets and Montagues all arrive at the tomb, only to find the lovers dead. Friar Laurence explains how it all happened. Capulet and Montague both promise to erect statues to the memory of their children, and are finally reconciled.


To come on stage.


Latin, literally “they leave.” Everyone leaves the stage.

Pronounced EX-ee-uhnt.


The character leaves the stage.