Romeo and Juliet, in her bedchamber at dawn following the wedding night, speak of their love and prepare for Romeo’s departure. He leaves, and Lady Capulet comes in, and Juliet pretends that her grief is over the death of Tybalt, and claims to want to see Romeo dead. Lady Capulet gives Juliet the news that she is now engaged to marry Paris. Juliet rejects this news, enraging her father, who swears to cut her off if she does not marry Paris. Lady Capulet sides with Capulet, and they leave. The Nurse advises Juliet to go ahead and marry Paris, since Romeo is beyond her reach. Juliet tells the Nurse to tell her father that she’s going to confession for having displeased him — but her real plan is to seek help from the Friar. If this doesn’t solve the problem, she intends to kill herself rather than be untrue to Romeo by marrying Paris.


To come on stage.


Latin, literally “they leave.” Everyone leaves the stage.

Pronounced EX-ee-uhnt.


The character leaves the stage.